Anu Komsi, Coloratura Soprano Artist

Quotes from international critics:

-Guardian/ 5 stars on 9th of November 2020 / Flora Willson
Luminous& mesmerising, BBC Symphony Orchestra in Barbican Hall 6th of November 2020
Magnus Lindberg: Accused , world premiere of chamber orchestra reduction:

” The gleaming steel of Anu Komsi´s soprano cut through all of it, fearlessly communicative and
utterly compelling, from whispered bottom of her voice to its stratospheric top.”

-New York Times: 5 minutes that will make you love Sopranos
11th of November 2020 NYTimes online/ Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheim, Times writer
Kaija Saariaho: Sua Katselen:

” Sometimes I’d rather not know.Often it’s worth it to look up the text to a song in order to make
sense of how the music sets and extends the words. But in piece like this shimmering, ethereal
gem by the Finnish composer Kaija Saariaho, I like to let the song work its way through me as a
pure sound. The soprano voice feels like one part nature, two parts pure psychology. In this
recording, Anu Komsi renders the vocal line like a cool ribbon of mist that lets through varying
degrees of light.”

-Huvudstadsbladet / Mats Liljeroos 16 th April 2021
H.W. Henze: Being Beauteous with Helsinki Philharmonic in Musiikkitalo:

”Anu Komsis koloratursopran svävade som en fågel över de säreget skimrande tonlandskapen i
Hans Werner Henzes Being Beauteous”

-Helsingin Sanomat/HS Kulttuuri/ 12th November 2017 Hannu-Ilari lampila
Meyerbeer: L´étoile du Nord:

”Anu Komsi glimmered in the joyful opera”

-Salzburg Nachrichten August 2011/Salzburg Music Festival 2011
Feldman: Neither:

” Anu Komsi as an Antiopera Heroine”

New Yorker , 2011 March
John Zorn: Machine de L´etre in New York City Opera´s production ”Monodramas”:

”Pyrotechnic Grace”

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